the Thistle Pipe Band

Style and tradition since 1968

"Let us bring Scotland to You"

Wedding, Funeral, Birthday, Parade Corporate events and other assignments

The Thistle Pipe Band is a pipeband in British military model based in Stockholm.

Founded in 1968, we are Sweden's oldest bagpipe band with a great experience of performing pipemusic in a traditional Scottish manner that brings to mind the Edinburgh tattoo and the beautiful Scotland.

You can hire The Thistle Pipe Band for various assignments; weddings, funerals, birthdays, corporate events, street parades, tattoos and festivals.

Do you want a solo piper "The Lone Piper" a duo, trio, quartet, quintet or the whole band.

We play in most constellations and our pipeband always performs in full military highland uniform with a drum major in the lead.

Of course, Amazing Grace and Scotland the Brave are in the repertoire.

We will help You to dicide a program that will suit You.

Let us bring you a beautiful piece of Scottish culture.

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Hyr ett säckpipeband till ditt evenemang.

Bröllop, Begravning, Fest, Tattoo, Parad eller Event.


Hyra Säckpipa vid Bröllop.The Thistle Pipe Band Stockholm

Bagpipes and weddings are a fantastic combination and we have extensive experience in making your day the best imaginable.

Let us make yours a truly memorable moment.

You hire the number of musicians you need.

"The lone piper", in duet, trio, quartet, quintet or the whole band. Bagpipes alone or together with various combinations of drummers. Together, we organize a program that suits your event.

The Thistle Pipe Band is often hired for funerals. Soloist or several musicians.

With our skilled team of pipers, and drummers we can create a memorable and emotional atmosphere during the funeral ceremony.

Our music will honor the deceased and bring strength and comfort to family and friends.

Trust The Thistle Pipe Band to deliver high quality and respectful musical support during this difficult time.


Säckpipa Parader och Tattoo- The thistle Pipe Band, Stockholm

The Thistle Pipe Band are proud to provide professional bagpipers and drummers for events, parades and celebrations reminiscent of the Edinburgh Tattoo.

The Thistle Pipe Band offers a wide range of services for events, parades and celebrations. Our professional performance with bagpipes and drums creates a lively atmosphere and enhances the atmosphere at any event.

Whether it's a city parade route, a birthday celebration or a celebration of Scottish culture, we can tailor our music to suit your needs.

Our pipeband is inspired by the British military tradition and the band always performs in full Highland uniform.

We have extensive experience in creating memorable bagpipe experiences at parades, tattoos and festive events.

The Drum Major leads the Thistle Pipe Band and adds an extra touch of solemnity.


Säckpipa vid fester. The Thistle Pipe Band

There are many ways to use bagpipes at parties. What event would not be a great experience when a full bagpipe band marches in led by a drum major.

Or maybe you want a "Lone Piper" playing Scotland the Brave from a height to create that special atmosphere and give an authentic Scottish feel to any occasion.

Let us create that special moment for you and your guests with our wonderful bagpipe music.

Bagpipes are equally suitable for a birthday party, a whiskey tasting, a car parade or a product launch.

It will never go wrong and with The Thistle Pipe Band in place the experience will be unforgettable.

Do you want to learn to play the bagpipes or scotch drum?

The Scottish bagpipes and drums are not the most common instruments in Sweden, but in the Thistle Pipe Band you get the opportunity to learn these exciting instruments from scratch together with our talented teachers.

Choose between bagpipes, side drum (Scottish snare drum) or tenor drum. Read more here

If you want to start playing, email or

call us on 070-290 66 00.